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OPAC software measures the most critical skills and abilities required in today’s administrative and clerical positions. OPAC’s complete suite of validated tests includes typing speed and accuracy, Microsoft® Windows®, Word®, Excel®, Outlook®, PowerPoint®, and QuickBooks® (amongst many other applications and skills). The program also provides specialized assessments for the legal, medical, and customer service fields. In addition, the software has a custom Test Writer so that you can develop your own assessments. Don’t rely on written tests to simulate the office environment when OPAC can evaluate applicants in the actual tools they will be using on the job.

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Office Skills Tests for Corporate and Educational HR OPAC Helping Human Resources
Want to reduce employee turnover? OPAC helps managers, supervisors,  personnel, and human resources test applicants for proficiency in relevant job skills before they’re hired. Trying to improve the quality of your hires? It’s all about percentages. Pre-screen applicants for the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for the job. Spend time on only those who will save you time. Looking for ways to improve your organization’s hiring processes? Integrate pre-employment screening tests into your recruiting before you fast track candidates to the interview. You’ll save time and money if you focus on the most qualified and promote them to the next step.
Office Skills Tests for Classroom Education Office Skills Classroom Preparation
Teachers, OPAC can help your classroom. Set goals and expectations for your business education students. Pre-test, train, and re-test for office and clerical skills. Certify your students in computer, administrative, customer service, professional, clerical, and software skills including Microsoft® Office®. Motivate & prepare your students for a professional career. Find out how OPAC Certification can benefit your students. Hundreds of business and vocational students have been OPAC Certified showing their competence and excellence in their Microsoft® Office®, customer service, clerical, administrative, software, and professional skills.
OPAC Test for Personal Use Practice OPAC for the Home User
Applying for an administrative, office, or clerical position? Want to test your typing and keyboarding speed?
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