Biddle Consulting Group, Inc., is an HR consulting firm with a history dating to 1974. Biddle specializes in EEO, affirmative action, selection, promotion, test development and test validation.

BCG's unique perspective and experience with HR best practices has facilitated the development of many testing products as well.

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OPAC Office Skills, Clerical Skills & Software Skill Testing

The OPAC System helps employers test
-- among other things -- data entry speed and accuracy. OPAC comes with several different timed 10-Key, keyboarding, and alpha-numeric data entry speed & accuracy tests that run from three to five minutes in length. Test data entry speed and accuracy in a valid, job-related scenario.

See our 3-minute OPAC Video here!The OPAC Data Entry Speed & Accuracy test is a fantastic measure of an applicant's ability to use a 10-Key pad & computer keyboard, but it is also so much more! OPAC is a complete testing software package that helps employers find the right person for the job. Use the OPAC tests again and again, with no per-test fees like many online tests charge.*

So, how can we help you? Employers and instructors can complete the OPAC information request form and download a trial version of our software and begin to realize the benefits of using OPAC to help you hire the right people.

[download a trial copy of OPAC ]

Don't want to download? No problem. Simply call (toll free) 1.800.999.0438 x. 248 to speak with an OPAC account manager about getting a free trial version of the OPAC software. You can test-drive OPAC in your environment and on your schedule or we'll be happy to walk you through.

The OPAC System contains over 40 pre-employment skills assessment tests to screen job applicants. Skills such as typing, word processing, spreadsheets, databases, Microsoft® Windows, 10-Key, data entry, filing, telephone skills and personality assessment. The built-in Validation Wizard will allow you to establish criteria and data specific to your organization, and you can create your own custom tests with Test Writer.

[download a trial copy of OPAC ]

Call OPAC Testing Software today at 1.800.999.0438 or feel free to email us.

* Annual maintenance fees can apply. Personality assessment results are an additional cost.

[download a trial copy of OPAC ]

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