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ExamIn - Online Pre-Employment Testing

Online and Written Basic Skills Assessments

Biddle Consulting Group, Inc. (BCG) has developed an online testing and assessment library, ExamIn, containing twelve (12) tests. ExamIn is designed to test the core, fundamental knowledges, skills, and abilities (KSAs) commonly required for most entry- and intermediate-level positions in the United States.

Download the ExamIn Test Descriptions[Download the ExamIn Test Descriptions]

The new online testing and assessment library includes:

o Business Correspondence
o Computer Skills
o Industrial Measurement (Standard & Metric System Versions)
o Language Arts
o Math Skills
o Mechanical Comprehension
o Reading Comprehension
o Word Use & Vocabulary
o Accounting Oriented Math
o Accounting Principles (Basic)
o Accounting Principles (Public Sector)
o Conscientiousness

The unproctored internet testing is the first step in your applicant testing to help provide you with a more condensed list of qualified applicants to further test and interview, saving you time in your recruitment and hiring process.

How do you know if the applicant was truly the one who took the ExamIn online test
if it is not proctored?

Simple. We have also created confirmatory tests to verify test results with your test takers. As soon as you shorten your list of candidates, you just retest them with the confirmatory test in a proctored environment and the results will tell the rest of the story.

Which ExamIn Tests do you need for the position that you’re hiring for?

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Also available in written and software formats.

Download the ExamIn Test Descriptions[Download the ExamIn Test Descriptions]

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