Soft Skills Employment Testing

OPAC tests job applicants’ hard skills. Pair it with the soft skills assessments found in ENCOUNTER video situational testing and you are that much closer to testing the whole person.

People encounter hundreds of situations in the office environment every day. Some people will react appropriately and some will not. How can you be better equipped to know who will?

When the question is “who has the office competence required in our workplace?” then ENCOUNTER Video Situational Testing Software is the answer! ENCOUNTER Video Situational Testing Software can help you know which entry-level office job applicants will make the most effective decisions in these areas:

  • Engaging Difficult People
  • Situational Judgment
  • Office Competence
  • Interpersonal Competence
  • Handling Conflict
  • Prioritizing Tasks

Office, Clerical & Software Skills Testing DemoContact us to find out how you can get special pricing for ordering OPAC with ENCOUNTER testing software.
ENCOUNTER Video-based Situational Testing Software is easy to set up and use, economical, affordable and web-based. With prices as low as $12 per applicant, every organization can gain a better understanding of an applicant’s soft skills before the time of hire.

Just like OPAC, ENCOUNTER situational judgment testing software is self-administering and self-scoring and can be administered from virtually any computer with internet access!