Pre-Employment Testing for the Whole Person

It’s crucial for managers to know the supreme value of their employees.
-Tony Robbins

Have you ever hired someone and later thought, “She has the skills but no follow through to get the job done”? Or perhaps this, “He can do the job well enough but just doesn’t seem to fit with our company”?3 assessments to test the whole person

We know, don’t we, that when we hire an individual we hire more than just their knowledge, skills and abilities. We’re also looking for their drive and initiative to get the job done along with how their personality fits within our company culture. We hire a whole person.

Fortunately, there are tools to test an applicant in these three areas before you hire. We offer such a tool with our OPAC & Encounter programs and partnership with Assess Systems. It’s a full featured 3-part testing solution that assesses the applicant’s:

  1. Can Do – Do they possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for success?
  2. Will Do – Will they be inclined to utilize that knowledge, skill and ability?
  3. Fit – Will they not only fit into your organizations culture, but maybe even add to it?

Here’s how it looks…

Can Do

OPAC Testing Software, as you are already aware, is a leader in hard-skills clerical and administrative pre-employment testing software. OPAC’s validated tests answer the question, “Do they possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for success?’

Will Do

ENCOUNTER is a leader in soft-skills situational judgment testing helping employers measure the interpersonal competence of their job applicants. It answers, “Will they be inclined to utilize that knowledge, skill and ability?”


Assess Systems saves organizations time and money with job-specific, research-validated assessments resulting in rapid, clear hiring recommendations that prioritize candidates according to their potential for success. Assess helps you answer “Will they it into our company culture? Will they add to it?”

Aspect Practical Definition Solution Measures
Can Do Does this applicant have the skills and abilities necessary for success in this position? What do they know and what can they do?  


Hard Skills, specifically knowledge, skill and ability
Will Do Is this applicant likely to engage in a way that will be productive? How will this person respond to the rigors of your work environment?  


Soft skills, situational judgment, interpersonal competence
Fit Is this applicant going to be a good addition to our existing team, adding to the chemistry that already exists? Who is the fundamental person behind this applicant?  

Assess Systems

Personality, behavior, attitude, propensity toward anger

So for your next round of hiring, if you want to hire the best and reduce employee turnover, then consider now how to assess the whole person.  If you’d like more information about our holistic pre-employment testing solution, contact the OPAC team and visit today.