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Administrators ONLY – Add, delete or update members; or modify agency information.

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User’s Group Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Tech Support Resources.

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The OPAC User’s Group is open to all organizations who are currently eligible for OPAC Plus service. OPAC Plus service (which includes access to the User Group web pages, unlimited toll-free technical support, and all OPAC upgrades/updates) is available for a small yearly fee.

Please contact us at 800-999-0438 if you would like OPAC to host a User’s Group training/educational session in conjunction with a regional conference in your area.

Forget Your OPAC User’s Group Username/Password?

OPAC supplies usernames or passwords ONLY to Organizational Administrators of current OPAC Plus member organizations who are listed as the primary contact of record in OPAC’s files.

Individual agency members: Up to 10 members from each OPAC Plus member organization can access the User’s Group web pages to enjoy the training and information we provide 24-hours a day. However, individual organizational members must be assigned their own personal usernames and passwords by the person who is in charge of OPAC for that organization. If you are a member of an organization who is NOT the primary contact of record with OPAC and you do NOT know your personal password/username, please contact the person who is in charge of OPAC within your own organization to obtain that information. You can also click on the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) link at the top of this page to learn more.

Agency Administrators of current OPAC Plus member organizations: If you are the person who is the primary OPAC contact of record for your agency and need your Administrator username/password, contact our Client Relations Manager at 800-999-0438 extension 151 or email clientrelations@opac.com. Please indicate your name and title, agency’s name, state, and telephone number (including area code) if emailing or leaving a message. The username and password will be emailed to the primary contact person listed in our files for that organization within two business days.

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