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The Success of OPAC Testing Software

Our Story

OPAC® is a product of a larger organization (Biddle Consulting Group, Inc.) established in 1974. Biddle Consulting Group (BCG) is a human resources consulting firm specializing in Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) litigation support, Affirmative Action (AA), test validation and development, and cutting-edge software. This narrow focus allows us to provide consulting services and software with a high level of competency and expertise that benefits our clients, our company, and the industry we serve.

Experts in Equal Employment Opportunity and Personnel Selection

Biddle Consulting Group, Inc. has over four decades of experience in the Equal Employment Opportunity and Personnel Selection Testing fields. BCG has developed and validated personnel tests in hundreds of situations and our tests are used by thousands of employers.

Biddle Consulting Group Story

BCG Experience Results in an Excellent Dispatcher Testing Product

A test, when used for hiring or promotion, must be a valid, job-related assessment. It must reliably measure knowledge, skills, abilities, and personal characteristics (KSAPCs) necessary for success in the position. It must not measure skills and abilities that are learned either on the job or in a brief orientation.

OPAC, which is now part of the TestGenius employment testing software, is a great measure of skills & abilities necessary for success. In addition, the built-in Validation Wizard gives your organization the ability to quickly and easily validate the OPAC tests for your own environment!

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