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CritiCall® for Call Centers (C4)

Call Center Employment Test
(Inbound / Outbound)

Improve the quality and performance of your organization by selecting employees who possess the critical skills and abilities necessary for success on the job. CritiCall for Contact Centers will help you select employees who possess critical skills and abilities such as:

  • Listening and Understanding
  • Using Logic and Reasoning
  • Reading and Comprehending
  • Learning and Retaining
  • Using a Computer while Listening or Speaking

Studies have shown that successfully using a computer while listening or speaking is a cognitive ability that many people do not possess.

By accurately measuring this ability before hire, organizations are able to screen out applicants who would otherwise be frustrated by their own inability to perform typical job duties. C4 can help you to identify these people!

C4: CritiCall for Contact Centers is part of the TestGenius pre-employment testing suite.

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