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Success Stories

OPAC Testing Software has been used by thousands of employers and educational institutions. Office knowledge and skills are similar across industries, across the U.S. and into Canada, in human resources and in the classroom. Our clients say it best:

The Phoenix Job Corps has been using the OPAC Office Skills Testing Software since 2001. We love it! Everyone wants to get certified. It makes business skills certification fun, develops healthy competition among our students and improves their self-esteem. The software meets all the requirements of our training area and is very easy to administer. The OPAC team is quick in issuing our OPAC Certificates and prompt with skilled, friendly technical support. Good job Biddle! Judy French, Vocational Instructor | Phoenix Job Corps
United Technical Associates, Inc. is very satisfied with The OPAC System. Because we are a professional and technical employment service, it is important to screen all of our applicants. Since our purchase of The OPAC System, we are using the testing package as an important tool in our screening process. The OPAC System is meeting the needs of our clients and also is very cost effective compared to our other testing packages. Alice Skiro, Human Resources Manager | United Technical Associates, Inc.
I have used OPAC exclusively for my office skills testing. As far as accuracy, reliability and ease of administration, I don’t think OPAC can be topped. Joe Ray, Senior Human Resources Officer | City of Hoover, AL
Since 2014, the Charleston Job Corps Office Administration program has been using the OPAC Software in the classroom. OPAC software is a system that measures the clerical skills and abilities in today’s modern job-related world. As the Office Administration Instructor I use OPAC for helping my students achieve certifications that will lead to long-term high paying careers in the business world. The certifications make my students want to get their business certifications and help them achieve their goals. One awesome feature of the OPAC software is that it allows my students to get an industry credential the first day in my class and makes them excited to grasp more material. OPAC has also led to competition in the classroom which engages the students to achieve lifelong success by getting multiple certifications. I highly recommend the OPAC software to any instructor who wishes their students to succeed in the modern business world. James Brown, Office Administration Instructor | Charleston Job Corps
I used the OPAC System with my students in their final semester of an Associate Degree. The results showed the students’ strengths and areas needing review. The students became very competitive. The instant feedback of test results caused the students to review their work to understand why they lost points. I used it not only to evaluate the students but to motivate them to better performance. Janet Carson, Instructor | Jefferson Community College, Louisville, KY
I have to say, I have been absolutely astonished by the customer service that we have received from you and the quality of the software. I had done quite a bit of research about the testing software that was available before we purchased yours and I really do believe that your software is best and the cost is so reasonable. I am absolutely amazed by how often you keep in touch with us and offer assistance and follow up and solve issues so quickly. I really would recommend you and your company to anyone, you are amazing! Julie Kucher, Staffing Consultant | Public School District, Canada
The OPAC computer proficiency testing software has allowed us to gauge the relative competency of candidates in the use of Microsoft Office programs like Word and Excel. The software enables us to do this with batches of candidates at a time and allows easy reporting of each or all candidates’ results. This is something that is not otherwise practical to do easily or efficiently in our experience. HR Department Staff Member | City of Berkeley
We’ve been using the OPAC software for the last 10 years or so. It’s been working out great! We use OPAC for the county, the city and private employers. Leticia Guajardo, Career Counselor | Racine County, Workforce Development Ctr.

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