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OPAC for Students, Job Applicants, and Home Users

Skills Tests for Home Use and Practice

The OPAC office skills testing software is a software product developed for organizations looking to pre-test administrative and clerical job applicants prior to hiring, and also for educational institutions seeking to improve student skills in the classroom.

At OPAC, we understand that job applicants would like to have something to practice their skills with at home in preparation for obtaining a position as an administrative or clerical assistant, that is why we have created some sample practice tests (keyboarding/typing, proofreading, and spelling) with our popular software tool.

Test Your Skills with Our Sample Practice Tests:

Additional tips for job success:

  • Practice and prepare.
  • Look in your local area for job training opportunities, such as workforce development and Job Corps centers.
  • Network with friends, family, and others via job fairs and online resources like LinkedIn.

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