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Biddle Consulting Group, Inc. develops additional skills testing products beyond OPAC Office Skills Testing. Biddle is a unique and highly experienced firm in the testing industry, providing both custom test development projects and validated skills testing software.


Everything your organization needs to test for critical skills and abilities needed for success on the job!  Online or installed, we have it all!

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Video Situational Judgment Testing

ENCOUNTER is designed to help an employer gain insight into how an applicant would approach the critical incidents that occur in the work environment. This facet of applicant testing is soft skills.

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Dispatcher Skills Testing

Helps emergency services organizations determine which of their applicants have the multi-tasking skills necessary for success in this high-stress environment. CritiCall is part of the TestGenius suite.

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Contact Center Agent

CritiCall for Contact Centers (C4) is the civilian version of CritiCall. C4 incorporates job-related multi-tasking skills necessary for success in the contact center market. C4 is part of the TestGenius suite.

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