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Comprehensive Applicant Testing & Training System

Is Your Hiring Process Missing Some Key Aspects?

Every organization that is participating in the veritable sweepstakes that is the hiring process hopes to end up choosing a winner. As challenging as this can seem, history and research both show that employers can easily stack the odds in their favor. The key to doing so is in understanding that people are multi-dimensional and that they bring all of the aspects that make up their "selves" to the workplace.

As organizations begin to look at their job applicants in a more "holistic" manner, they realize that these applicants are really much more than the mere sum of their abilities. They are, in fact, a combination of skill, ability, knowledge, desire, attitude, personality, and much more. The key to selecting the right ones is to be able to tap into the applicant and gain a "holistic" view of who they are and how hiring them may potentially affect the organization.

While an applicant consists of many aspects, it is impossible to measure all of them. Thankfully, employers are able to peer into three main aspects in order to develop a profile of who the person is behind the applicant. These three main aspects, which should determine whether or not an applicant will benefit your organization, are:

  1. Can Do – Do they possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for success?
  2. Will Do – Will they be inclined to utilize that knowledge, skill and ability?
  3. Will Do More – Can you take new hires and existing employees and give them the skills needed to increase their productivity, efficiency and accuracy?

OPAC Testing Software, a part of the TestGenius Software Suite, as you are already aware, is a leader in hard-skills clerical and administrative pre-employment testing that can help organizations reduce hiring expenses by identifying applicants who are likely to become successful employees. ENCOUNTER is a leader in soft-skills situational judgment testing helping employers measure the interpersonal competence of their job applicants. The TestGenius Microsoft Office Training Program is a three-tiered approach to training new hires in MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, and MS PowerPoint.

Aspect Practical Definition Solution Measures
Can Do Does this applicant have the skills and abilities necessary for success in this position? What do they know and what can they do? OPAC Hard Skills, specifically knowledge, skill, and ability
Will Do Is this applicant likely to engage in a way that will be productive? How will this person respond to the rigors of your work environment? ENCOUNTER Soft skills, situational judgment, interpersonal competence
Will Do More Can your newly hired employee be trained to use the relevant applications at your organization? TestGenius Microsoft Office Training MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, and MS PowerPoint tiered training

In the final analysis, organizations should realize that they are not hiring one part of a person, they are getting the whole package. It is advisable to look at the whole person, evaluating each aspect, so as to end up making the best hiring decision.

Is your organization evaluating the whole person during the hiring process? Would you be interested in learning how to make the most of your OPAC TestGenius System? We would be happy to review these options with you so that you can make the most informed decision about your hiring process.

Please feel free to call or email us at your convenience if you would care to discuss this or any other matter pertaining to your OPAC Testing Software!

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